Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For the love of one...


eleven days until 11/11/11

11 days until Montreal to see my dad to celebrate this great event.
I do realize this number is quite popular when the love for numbers is concerned.  There is just something about the numero uno that is just straight up awesome.  I see this number, in variation, everywhere and all of the time.  On the clock, in  an address, and most importantly in an email wishing me a Happy Day on 1/11 and 11/11 every year, from my dad.  And it just so happens that this year we get a bonus day, 11/1/11!!!

So this is fun for lovers of One...

Add the last two digits of your birth year to the age you will turn in this glorious year and it will consistently equal 111 or a variation of...

Mr.) 79 + 32 = 111
Muah) 78 + 33 = 111

Small One) 02 + 9 = 11
Small One 2) 04 + 7 = 11

I dedicate this day to you darling Mr.  For you will always be the only one for me...



  1. Love this post!! your Mr is very lucky :)

  2. We can't wait to celebrate! It will certainly be a special day...


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