Friday, August 12, 2011

Seeing A Bestie...

And her babies!!!

You know those friends, the best of friends, the ones you have known for a long long time?

I just love those kind...

My dear friend Megan has been a bestie for too many years to count.  She lives a 'Mom in the City' kind of life.  And I love to visit her!

 Especially when she has these cuties!!!

 Charlotte and Eloise are too darling for words.  

Charlie is growing into the most articulate young lady.  She emulates her mother to a T... from her curly hair and good looks to her abilities to jot a list and make the most of the moment!  A joy.  My favorite...when she called Matt her uncle.

Eloise has grown leaps and bounds since I have seen her last.  Her squishy cheeks and legs are enough to make you melt.  Her toddlerness, well it is enough to want another!!  My favorite... when she says her name.

El - O - eese

 Surprisingly, Megan and I have both been married for coming up on ten years...and of all things, our hubby's have never met.  Most of my trips back east over the years have been girls only!  And it always seemed that if Matt was there then Sean was not and if Sean was there than Matt was not... 

Not this time though!

  This is them bonding on a walk thru the park.  Finally.


The trip into the city was a quick one, but plenty of time for a 'sweaty' stroll from West to East and then back again. 

Matt got to hear all about the happenings in Charlotte's life.  She was consumed by some stories she is hearing around town.  The same stories I heard and my parents heard when we were too young!  People are funny...

 Mr. Witt was able to talk love and light with Sweet C and she took comfort and called him Uncle....melt.

I was slightly saddened by my missing youngsters and so was Charlotte!!  I am sure an afternoon with just us adults was NOT was she was expecting, SORRY!

Thank you Mackell family, for joining us on a Sunday walk and delicious lunch.  I cannot wait to see you in my neck of the woods in a few short weeks! 


Don't worry Eloise, Noah and Gabi will be here when you visit!


The escape to the city was delightful all the way around.  Sadly we could only visit the beautiful Whole Foods across the street for a few short minutes to determine if Matt's eyes had deceived him the last time...

and no, they had not!

Back in the family truster for home.  If there was any doubt before (which there was absolutely not) that the Witt family found their place on this Earth, well it was squashed upon the scene we returned to...

I felt welcomed...

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  1. This is life and it's what makes life good!


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