Thursday, August 11, 2011

about the tree...

The way I see it is...

The faults of Man are the need to look busy and the desire to spend money.  

This stems from the smallest village to the fattest capital.

Exhibit A.

All of this nonsense for an unnecessary sidewalk.   It's for the children you see... wink wink.  If you ask me, a bucket of white paint from your local hardware store could have facilitated those super effective white lines going across the street to where a sidewalk already exists!

I estimate $50  to $100 dollars in parts and labor.  I would have offered to paint it myself for free.  Also, eggs would be appropriate... for the fast cars on my schoolhouse road.  A couple of yolks to that super fancy paint job ought to do the trick.  I would give out free lemonade to the children while I sat out there waiting for the speedsters.

But where is the sense in that?  Firstly, the person who has thought up this idea for a sidewalk...well it has made them look super busy and also undoubtedly effective.  Also, all the money spending...well that is tons of fun and completely necessary.

But it is appropriate I suppose.  The truth in the act.  The way Man decides on things...

It is my very own giving tree.

As for Exhibit B... I will hold my tongue.  For this is a place for goodness, light, and love.  I am and always will be, a peaceful warrior.


  1. I agree with your dad.
    I'm so sad to see those beautiful trees outside your window destroyed.


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