Monday, August 15, 2011

Come here little chickens...time for some grub!

I had the most important job last week of watching some very special animals.  The task turned out to be a learning lesson for this desert city girl!
These chickens were so excited to see us everyday.  Rooster stood vigilant in his nature and watched us with a careful eye.  Good work Mr. Rooster!

The hens were not the only furry friend happy to greet us each day...

Poor Lola got caught in the rain, once or twice this week.  Jeez! 

How I adore the Vermont forecasters and their dead on forecasting skills!

What are you doing down there Roxanne??

When it was time to check for some eggs, a most welcomed payment for feeding services... We got a bit more than we bargained for.  This is where the city girl comes out in me...  Good thing I had my Mr. Witt with me and his oh so impressive country instincts...

One of the chick chick's was not laying egg.  In fact, she was not doing anything at all.  Yes, that is right, a not so living chicken in the coop!

After a bit of pacing and biting of some nails and some more pacing we decided on a proper burial.

While Matt was busy digging he suggested I make a cross for the ceremony.  He sarcastically gave me the option to create a wreath due to the fact that I am a heathen.  When he decided that about me, I am unsure. But I needed the humor in that moment and laughed the whole time I constructed a proper marker.

My mother was consoling in her comment on this matter when she pointed out that not too many chickens in this world die a natural death.  So that put the two vegetarians more at ease.  

Rest in Peace little chicken.


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