Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

It has been a solid ten years, like a rock solid 10, that Mr. Witt and I have devoted to creating and rearing our two little tykes.  

A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this all consuming extravaganza ...  

**a lot of love and dedication too.

I think I can count on one hand how many times Noah and Gabrielle have spent night(s) away from their doting parents; that was greater than or equal to 1 mile away from our home.

I mean, look at them.  You think I would give these guys up so easily??

But they are older now.  The adventure of life awaits them.  And they have left, with grams and papa, for twenty-five whole days...

This leaves me with two emotions:



terrified, alone, totally freaked out, sad, anxious, and... a little lost.

**cue the laughter as I realize having time for yourself is not all it is cracked up to be!

Day 1:  Barely notice the absence due to seeing them in the AM before sending them on that Jet Plane. Then coming home to a neglected house that need a good scrubbing.  Cue the tunes and an iced coffee, i have work to do!

Day 2: Feeling excited for that time alone I have been searching for since year 2002.  Plus, b/c Mr. Matt is studying for a big exam,  I went to Brianne's, cuddled a Bea, did some sewing, and got in some girl time. 

Day 3: Holy hell, what have I done?

Just kidding, kinda.

I am really looking forward to this time of seperation for one reason and one reason only...

Time with this guy!

This guy and me, well we haven't lived together, without smaller ones, in a very long time.

Best part so far...

The giggling on the first evening at the dead silence.

I am super excited for the kids to be in the state they were born, with their Grams and their Papa.  I hope for them...

time in the swimming pool with watermelon breaks
sun tanned skin
 a warm exit from a cold store
late mornings in a dark air conditioned house, watching cartoons
a monsoon storm
a breeze carrying the sweet smell of  creosote
and a trip to Shogun, the most delicious Japanese food

I am super excited for the Mr. and Me to be in the state that we love, together.  
I hope for us...

a spontaneous night out for a glass of wine and dinner on a week night
a walk by the lake holding hands and getting ice cream
a bike ride down harbor road in the evening hours
to see one live band, at least just one
to hike in the beautiful green mountains
to take a trip, just a mini one
to be in love.

updates to follow...

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