Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Due to the absence of certain small ones I decided the Mr. and I needed to celebrate...
each other.

and what does a young couple do, when they live in the country; to celebrate that is?  

They escape to the big city!

This is me, driving out of the village, biting my lip in pure excitement to see lady New York again...

The drive in is surprisingly easy.  Every last bit of traffic is headed the opposite direction than us country folk, skipping town to enjoy a more relaxing, less city weekend!

Now, I have been chattering about this weekend for a solid few months, ever since my city mom graciously offered her flat while she joined the others bum rushing the countryside.

She knew the importance I had placed on this very short window of opportunity, and well, she spoiled us!  Upon our arrival we were greeted with the most beautiful tray of thoughtfulness.

My most favorite crackers in the entire world, you think I am kidding but no, they are divine.  Paired with delicious cheese and spread, wine, and the most fantastic...



The buck doesn't stop there, oh no.  In celebration of Mr. Witt and my ten years together my darling matriarch gave a gift to us that is so rare, so unheard of, so blissfully exciting, that we jumped out of our seats upon receiving! 

...a night on the town!!!!

One can only assume what happened next... I passed out from all the excitement and dreamed of city streets, decadent cuisine, and theatre performance...

First thing first.  Downtown.  Record shopping.  We scored a Shins and, of course, a Bright Eyes Album

We wanted Pink Floyd The Wall, but records are now lamely expensive and so we passed on the fifty dollar expenditure, this time.

thumbing thru these now antiquated musical discs was ... perfect for our afternoon.

The walking in downtown is tiresome and builds an appetite quickly.  I find it almost impossible to choose a place.  Each outside dining experience seems better than the last.  To settle for one leaves me wondering what might be around the next corner.  We were lead to pizza, quaint and organic of course...

 well, the two lovely glasses of white was thirst quenching.  however, it did try to lull me to sleep.  
Next time, wait 'til the 5 'o clock hour...

Despite the afternoon downtime we were quickly lifted by the awesomeness of Broadway!

This show was so fun.  I have seen a few shows in my day but haven't been back to broadway in many moons.  The talent was amazing, the jokes were hilarious, and the music... rocked!

It was a wonderful day and night.  I feel so fortunate to have such access to a truly vibrant city.

A very dear friend lives there as well, that is a story for tomorrow... to be continued. 


  1. It's good to live in the country and visit the city! It's good to get back to the country too...

  2. This post is full of Awesomeness! and a decade-long journey (thus far)...Amazing. <3


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