Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling Grateful...

I suddenly feel a wave of gratitude on this Thursday morning.

My children were in high spirits on the phone last night and I went to bed feeling at ease with the distance between us. Look at the smooches I have been getting!

 My husband has done his absolute best to prepare for a most difficult exam.  He is working so very hard to be the best provider he can be and I love him dearly for it.

and there is so much to look forward to beginning now:

Noah and Gabi will be returning to our cozy loft in 8 short days, giving me the excitement to squeeze the bajeezus out of them... also giving me eight solid days to spend with the Mr. minus all the studying!

School begins shortly and the smell of new paper and clean backpacks makes me giddy. 

My 33rd birthday is just around the corner.  A. I love being in the 30's and 33 is a great number even though I usually prefer even numbered birthdays... B. We get to go out to Flatbreads for the best pizza dinner and Church Street Ben and Jerry's after that!  That is all I want and need.

A girls trip is in the forecast, to spend with my mother in my favorite city doing some of my most favorite things... 


Then an oh so important date.  11/11/11.  I have been waiting years for this date... and my dad too.  He and Sue are flying all the way from fancy England to spend this day with us... and in posh Montreal of all places!  Crazy lucky!!

Thanksgiving will be spent in nyc this year.  Can you say Macy's Day parade??

Then it is Christmas. 

Life is a blessing and I am oh so grateful. 

Also... I have re dicovered an old passion.  I resurrected my sewing machines from the  
depths of neglect.  I have a lot more to say on this matter but will post a pic of my very first project in close to eight years probably...


 The feel of the fabric and the hum of the machines... LOVE.

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  1. Life is always good when you mix some past and future together!


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