Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Special guests...

We did move a bit out of the way.  It was on purpose for reasons that align with our intuitions.  Its intention, however, was not to be so far from those we love.  

We have been fortunate, as of late, to host some very fun visitors despite the many miles in between!!

To see The Smith Family was a delight and I was honored to act as hostess on their brief, yet most amazing stay!


 Cameron and Gabrielle met in Little Gym, one of the many places that
mothers of toddlers 
go to exhaust their little ones and meet new friends...

That was over five whole years ago; and look at them now!

Still such good friends.  I was so pleased to see them enjoy each other, nothing but FUN FUN FUN!

What else was there to do but enjoy yet another successful picnic by the lake?  First a walking tour of the village...

Matt always knows how to add flare to moment, no?

We purchased some vino, **met a local farmer, ordered our dinner and voila...

**side note on that...
for some reason I find the local farmers here, in Vermont, to be of like a celebrity status.  They are far more beneficial to our culture then let's say...a ms. lohan.   And I am over the moon to be getting to know our local peop's, ya dig?

okay, picnic dinner... amazing...

Matt and Evan

Britt and Meryl

And the children enjoying the water in the evening sun...

Though their visit was close to being a short twenty-four hours they were successful in doing quite a few of our favorite things!  

Walk through the village, check.  
Eat and play and the lake, check.

Following day...a visit to Shelburne Farms AND the Shelburne Museum!  

Having this family visit our new home town was delightful and I do look forward to it again next year and the years after that! 

Before parting ways I spotted my favorite chair in the history of chairs.  It was just sitting there, in the grass, under a tree... I love this chair and I will be visiting it frequently... It makes for some pretty rad pictures!

See you at Christmas Smith Family.


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