Thursday, June 2, 2011


A great age.  A wonderful life.  

Happy Birthday UK!

June 2.  Sorry to miss it in person.  The Witt's are missing you and wishing you a very happy 30th birthday.  When looking through some photographs of years and events past I am reminded of how much fun we have had and how much you crack me up.  

Remember when we drove through the desert together, just you and me...

and we saw dinosaurs.

and we had the same color hair.

                          and then we had cocktails by the sea...

 Remember when we were waiting for the train to New York City and Gabi tried to get you to Hula dance...

You have accomplished quite a bit in the last year...

You met a beautiful lady...

Who does crazy stuff with us and is super fun!

You graduated from film school!

And won a pretty sweet award!
and now you are all grown up and live in L.A.

Too bad you don't have your sidekick there with you, you guys are so cute together.

Happy Birthday UK, we miss you terribly and love you a great deal.


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