Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Part Two...


7:45 on race day and it began to rain.  But it didn't matter.  Despite the damp air the energy was high. Eight o' clock sharp they began...

Our girls are in the white hats!!

I can only imagine the excitement to be a runner on this day, but we on the sidelines were having a lovely time!  Husbands, children, and friends were all super excited!

 Matthew and Andy; the Mr. runners.  The gentlemen whom have watched their ladies run before the sun came up, every Saturday morning, and probably in their sleep once or twice!

My favorite spot to cheer!  Not only were we on a lovely patch of grass with full view of the runners but we were directly across from the oh so amazing DRUMS!

I mean look at this set up, perfectly placed at the base of a very difficult hill at mile 16!

So we saw our runners here....

And we saw them there....

And if I am honest, watching then run really built up an appetite.  So we, as spectators, spent the day keeping fueled!

First stop of course; COFFEE!  And in the iced form...

And a second breakfast for the little Witt's.

Side Note:  Gabrielle loves being a vegetarian, that is, unless bacon is being served...


And then a quick power nap.  I think we may have had iced coffee, bacon and eggs, and a nap before mile 3.  Just sayin'...


It is important, when you take your children to full day events, to feed them every hour, no matter the cost.  It keeps up morale and deters breakdowns.  When our sushi place was closed for our EARLY lunch, and a tear was forming in their wee eyes, only one thing to do: 
pre lunch ICE CREAM.

There we go, smiles are back.  
But what??? 
No sushi?  
darn it.  
Next best thing; Mexican food!

 Bueno Y Sano!

Now off to the waterfront to see the runners to the end; or will it be the end of the runners??  Yikes!

Bri practically ignored us due to intense concentration.  In fact, I am not sure if she remembered knowing us at mile 26 and i don't think I can blame her!

 Catherine remembered us and even looked up and wouldn't you know it, can't find the picture!!  I am going to dig though, and get it up here soon!

Now, seeing runners strewn through the park curled up in balls wrapped in alien paper was not as inspiring as the starting line!  It really told the story of brave individuals pushing themselves to do something great; despite the pain.

It is so awesome to witness.  It makes you want to endure the pain and be great too.

This picture says "oh my god, did I just do that?"

This one says "oh my god, is this child really on my legs right now because I can't feel a thing!"
 I was sad not to have seen Cat after her run, but as tired as these runners were you would think my 9 and 7 year old had just run a marathon too and so we headed home pretty quick...

and this is what we all looked like...

 So we napped, all of us I think!  And I told Matt he should run it next year, a half perhaps, and he is going to think about it!  I think he will look like this...

Pretty Rock n' roll right?

So that was our big weekend event and I have to say it was an awesome one.  I have had friends run in these before and don't know why, for the life of me, why I never went to watch.  But now I have and glad I did.
  Well done ladies.  It was an honor to share in your day!
Thank you.

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