Friday, June 3, 2011

Knowing when you have got it good...

Things that I am thankful for today...

  1. having a Mr. who truly loves me
  2. having two children who had a conversation after school yesterday about saving the last popsicle for me because I am sick.
  3. seeing 11:11 almost everyday this week.  AM mind you and also just now ;-)
  4. that my brother has turned 30 and is doing just fine
  5. that I have a stalker dad who instant messages me everyday because he loves me and i love him and he is very far away but also so very close
  6. knowing my mom is my best friend and that I will be seeing her in a few short weeks in her new CITY!
  7. having a weekend chock full of fun events like baseball games and dance class and birthday celebrations with the best of friends!
  8. a certain surprise in the very near future!
  9. friday night celebration for making it thru yet another week with moderate success, despite my cold
  10. my bicycle  

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