Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A performance...

Of course Mr. Witt and I were there an hour early.  Front row seats were a must for the show we had been hearing so much about!  We have had a fluttering butterfly around the house for a month or more anxiously awaiting her opening day. 

Two parents could not be more excited than the pair of us... Dressed in our best and seats taken we engaged in typical conversation.  How tired we really are, what will we do with the children during the summer hours, how will we manage to turn these crazy kids into respectable young adults.  Oh, the pressure.  We laugh and hold hands and I am glad to be there with him...

And then out she came, center stage!  How can I be this lucky this day?  Matt and I have spent many a shows squirming around trying to catch a glimpse of our little ones behind the tall ones.  Not this time and it was awesome! 

Gabrielle's voice in no way resembles mine.  I did not sing to my babies in fear that I would plague them with a lifetime of musical inabilities.  I am glad I made that choice because they both show great promise in the word of music, art, and theater!  They get that from their father.  Matthew's musical grace is one of his best attributes... thank you for passing it on dear one.

proud papa and star!

Who puts on such a show as this?  Why it is none other than one of those talented teachers that we all know and love.  The platform you provide for our bright stars is nothing short of priceless.  Thank you Ms. Sally for this treasured day.
director and cast


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