Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Birthday and a Grams!

What is a grams one might ask?  
They are only the greatest gifts on earth.

How do I get one of these you may wonder?
Only the luckiest of lucky get a grams, and I am fortunate enough to get one as sweet as Ms. Jan.

One cannot just have such a thing.  It is not bought or made.  A grams is a carefully-crafted soul filled with kindness, caring and love.  She appears only when a child is born.

We love you grams for all that you are, today on your birthday and everyday so far!

Dearest Jan,

  Remember when you were our teacher and all the littles called you Ms. Grams?  What talent you have with these tiny tots, it is a priceless gift..

You are awesome at supporting our scout and you cook a mean Thanksgiving meal!  You and Papa are always there and so very dear...

Most of my favorite moments with you and the kids; have been the simple times just in your kitchen.

This picture brings such joy to our hearts and we all have you to thank.  
A Grams and a Papa and a house full of love; what a family you did make.

Happy Birthday Grams!!


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