Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Moon and I are not Friends.

This is how the moon makes me feel... 

like a zombie.

While some look forward to the beauty of the perigee moon that will grace this late evenings sky, I do not.  As lovely and bright as it may be I will be hiding under my covers in fear of its powers.  I have already created this monster...

I took this shot in mid argument, one started by the lunar pull of course.  I awoke crabbier than ever, tired, annoyed, ready for a throw down.  My husband's happy tone was met with a scowl and my children's joyful laughs only brought the covers up and over my ears...

this is quite the predicament this day... blech.

The moon and I are NOT friends.

Legion is with me.  He slept in.  He did not peak his head outdoors until after 2:00pm.  He has the bladder power no dog has ever known...  This is him on a pillow on my bed looking like he is afraid of that mean moon too.  This is why he and I are us.

At least the children seemed un-phased by the monster in the sky.  They have had a full day of comic creating, park playing, show watching, hot chocolate drinking day.  Good for them.  

Hopefully I will join you tomorrow kidos.


  1. We thought the moon was spectacular when it first rose but now we just want to thank you for not calling us today! I think waiting for tomorrow is wise.

  2. Ha! I thought about calling you today and then I thought I should NOT!


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