Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Action packed...

The Witt Family had quite a weekend; including a grandma Mindy, a horse drawn sleigh ride, an icy boat excursion, and dinner fit for beasts....

First of all, when a grandma Mindy graces your door you should never turn her away.  She is full of life and excitement and will bring adventure to an otherwise plain weekend.  First on the agenda; mushing in the North East Kingdom!  Really?  Too bad for us the pups had too many anxious passengers already.  Another idea anyone?  Oh yes, a sleigh ride will do nicely.  

As we waited in the sunny frigid February air we began to hear a cheerful jingle coming our way.  Off in the distance we could see our horse drawn sleigh trotting closer to make our acquaintance.  We were greeted by two beauties with the horse power to carry the lot of us!  Away we went to explore the land of Shelburne Farms on a most lovely and romantic ride.  

So lovely actually, that my children posed nicely for this very sweet photo;  a moment to remember.


 What could be more Vermont than a drive through a covered bridge after a morning like that?  This little gem is set right on Lake road and paves the way to Lake Champlain on the other side...

...the lake is looking exquisite on this particularly clear winter day. The tops of the water were frozen in the most unique way. Jagged and sharp; the ice gleamed in the sun. A hard sight to digitally capture. We stared at if for quite some time and took a dozen photos, and suddenly we knew what adventure was to follow! 

Next up; the icy excursion across an ancient lake.  I will have to disclose that I am not to keen on tundra-like lake conditions.  I do prefer a yummy sunny day on a rivers edge with a dog and a book.  A possible sink into sudden death, not a Sunday activity I pretend to enjoy.  I do admit, after surviving the the titanic like icebergs, the ride was quite smooth and I rather enjoyed it!

After a day made of magic we needed a feast.  
On the menu; sushi and drink.  
To top it off, tempura style fried iced cream. 
Red bean AND green tea flavors please.  
The end result...

a happy bunch.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a wonderful winter wonderland expedition especially with the sunshine!
    Hope we get to see you mushing soon! May be that's what Legion was reading up on!!!


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