Monday, February 28, 2011

A very casual Sunday evening...

  My husband.  The love of my life.  You make me laugh on a Sunday full of crazy.  This photo captures a man who has given it all up to run after two tots and wife who lives by a list and a clock.  Mr. Witt was not granted even a shower today; much to much to accomplish.  Woken by a Jay and a Sue and a cat, our lovely loft is spic and span, our driveway dug out to see the light of day, two children tired out by an afternoon event, and our cupboards full from a trip to the market!  Your treat my love, a delicious Vermont crafted beer in a tall glass and a moment to rest your weary mind.

 This one is for your belly.  A warm homemade noodle soup chalk full of fresh organic veggies and silky egg noodles.  A slurp of this soup paired with a piece of torn ciabatta bread tantalizes the taste buds and warms the soul.  This wintry dish is a family fav!!


  Thanks to the lack of shampoo-ing, Matthew's hair styles kept us all entertained while we indulged in our very late evening Sunday dinner.  Something must be done to avoid the dreaded television from being turned on; it has conspired with the children to try and suck our souls! Thank you darling husband for being goofy and fun and saving us all.

 Meanwhile, Legion pretends he does not know any of us and hopes he goes unnoticed at his place at the table. 
His hair might be next!


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