Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome March...

Oh the sweet relief of March 1.  I will take you anyway you want to come, snow and all.  There is just something about February that makes life seem very heavy and unkind.  But that changes today my friends...

Things that are awesome about today, GO:

1.  I received one of the very best messages from a very good friend that went as follows, in song form:  "Happy March to you, Happy March to you... February is ooooveeeer, February is oooveeer... Thank you Chris and Corie, that made getting thru this awful month SO VERY WORTH IT ;-) You can find the talented singer HERE.

2.  We got the keys to our new Village home today.  I have been keeping it on the DL so as not to jinx anything.  More on this new adventure to come... including lots of house renovation posts!

3.  It is snowing.  Finally.  Hooray!

4.  Just as I felt hopeless in finding something to wear due to a slightly expanding FEBRUARY waistline my Mister reached out and grabbed me from under his covers and smothered me with love.  Then suddenly my pants fit and I was saved.

5.  I feel happy today, like everything is going to be okay.



  1. I so remember the never ending February from living on the northern hemisphere. there is a reason why it has the least days...
    enjoy march and the approach of spring!

  2. Welcome March...Hello Weekend!

  3. Awesome blog :)

    Royal Daughter Designs sent me :)

  4. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)


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