Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last night I made this...

And even though the photo is cringe quality I am super smitten with my creation.  I still cook in the dark every night.  This is a result of continuous winter nights coupled with horrible  kitchen lighting.  Seriously, you would laugh.  It is a super dim combo between the overhead oven light (with one bulb burnt out) and a lamp most would consider strictly decorative.  But I make do.

So this is how it's done...

thinly slice, with the dullest knife you have to make it extra difficult because why not when you are already in the dark, your root veggies.

yukon golds
red beets
brussel sprouts

toss in olive oil and roast.  for a while.  til they are almost perfect.

get a pizza.  If it were summer and light out I would normally make my own and grill it.  But it is cold and dark and I bought one already made from Red Hen Bakery here in Vermont.

Brush with olive oil and begin to layer...


After the last layer is down drizzle some pure maple syrup over top.  This is my attempt as a cheese(less) flatbread.  I used to make this with honey and blue cheese but we are going vegan on this one... 

Then bake for 10 minutes or so letting the veggies and bread get warm and crispy.  Then cut, drizzle with a touch more maple syrup, and serve.

To my delight the kids ate every bite!  

They did spit out the quinoa citrus salad I made.  Whatever, it was delicious!



  1. Lovely! I'd split the quinoa out too ;-)

  2. Yummy, that looks so good. :) I have never tried that before but the picture is making me hungry.

    Thanks for the giveaway at Royal Daughter Designs. :)

  3. Um, YUM is all I can even say! LOOKS AMAZING!


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