Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today is Grams' Birthday....

...and I have failed it miserably.

I am a lover of birthdays
a lover of cake
a lover of thoughtful preparations
and sending things that I make...

But this year someone else will get that award...the one you get when you try real hard.

Dear Jan,

I was up at midnight last night *gasp* and thought of you and your birthday, so I am pretty sure I was the first one to wish you a happy birthday (in my head)!!  I was tempted to text but I pretty much immediately blacked out when I saw the time, right after I wished you a very happy day (in my head)


No card,
no calendar,
no ribbons
or bows,
no cake,
or skype
because our internet blows
But we have a gift you see!!  Just follow these steps 1,2,3...

1.  Find out dance recital date and call me so we can book your ticket, compliments of Southwest!!!

2.  Get on the flight.

3.  Join us for year # 2 of Vermont dance recital fiasco extravaganza!!

***Trip all inclusive.  Accommodations and dinner included.  Unlimited kisses and hugs. Catered lake dinner with amazing sunset. Fresh clean towel. A dance recital ticket and limo Prius service to and from.


with love...


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