Friday, February 10, 2012

a love story...

 ...that dates back thousands of years.

It has just recently become clear to me that I have known my husband far longer than I had previously thought.  I sincerely believe that this love is eternal and we have been together in this world many times before.  And as much as I want to tell you those ancient tales today, sadly I am not privy to their details...

So I will stick with this lifetime.

The above statement does play a role here.  This union is no accident.  First of all, we look just alike, in the eyes.  And I believe that was our first hint at true love.

This story begins in early adolescence.  A quick romance of long evening phone calls squashed by a move to the East.  Letters kept him close while I gained my footing so far away.  Many words exchanged at first and fewer as time went on. Eight years slowly went by...

Both of us still posses all the letters that were written. 

I came to visit the desert many times over those years and I called him every single one.  I never went with intentions to see him, but intuition played as a reminder and checking in was part of this plot.  His number had been branded into my brain from the gazillion preteen phone calls made during those first fateful months.

Then came the year.  Neither of us new it would be the year until it became quite clear that that was exactly what it was.  And had always been.  

It happened at a record store.  

A glance was all that was needed.  An evening visit.  We spoke of books and the world, under the Arizona sky.

He was accepted to The University of Jerusalem.  Received the letter that very day.  A major in classics with a passion for language, this was it for him.  But not really.  Because I came and reminded him that it was not.  

I was whimsical and spontaneous.  I was on my way to the pacific northwest.  I asked him to come along, the day after the night of the year....

"How do you know I should come along?" he asked.

"I don't know, but I promise to stay with you and I hope that you do." I said, not knowing that these words had always been written.

and he did. he came with me.

And then we grew and we grew and we grew. Sometimes seemingly apart, not knowing the roots were entwining the most during the hardest times.  And now it has been ten plus years and he is my best friend. my eternal soul mate.  my one true love.

and now were are living the happily ever after.



  1. Matt, Britt, Witt, it was always obvious to me! Love you both.

  2. Your story is the best. Always was, always will be!

  3. I love happy ever afters and your story is just so sweet and an inspiration for me as I countdown the days to becoming a wife. Here's wishing you both much love on this Valentines Day and may your love story live on :D

  4. This is so sweet! Love that we have known our soul mates forever. Such a great thought :) Love your blog! Newest follower :)

    1. Thanks Danielle!! And thanks for visiting!! You are my 111th follower here, which is only my very favorite # ;-)

  5. What a romantic love story...and how cool that you both still have the letters from that early time apart! Wow.

    Really enjoyed visiting your blog...

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Thanks Cindy! We will moving in a few weeks and I always love that b/c the letters are unearthed from the depths of storage ;-)

  6. such a cute, awhhhh love story!! I love hearing/reading how a couple met and their story of being together, truthfully. Gives me hope! Hi britt, my name is britt, well really brittany, but i go by britt too. I've read your blog before, but came across this post from 'a stylish little lady's' blog. I enjoy reading your blog!


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