Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had to go away this past weekend on an unexpected trip.  It was not the first time that I left the Mister to care for our kidos, and I am quite certain it will not be the last.  And I am very confident in his abilities to entertain those two and be happy doing it.  


The evening before my departure, he says to me... I know it is not important, but what will we do for dinner?   I shrugged my shoulders and said we would figure it out and quickly drifted asleep.   

In the morning I woke Gabi and told her I had to go.  She burst into tears, as usual, and asked me to stay.  And after she caught her breath she says what will we do for dinner?  I say I don't know, you guys will figure it out, don't worry.  We hug and kiss and she gets ready for school.  

I am now ready to go with my overnight bag and blanket in hand ready to make my exit.  Noah gets up last, as usual, and I tell him I have to go.  He doesn't blink before he asks me,What will we do for dinner?

Clearly there is a need here.

So last night Mr. Witt got his hands in the mashed potatoes!  He did great everyone!  And I look forward to watching him grow as a mediocre chef, hahahaha.  I have to maintain my leverage in the house somehow!  I really do enjoy being needed, but certainly I must take necessary measures to ensure my family does not starve when I am away...

Who's the cook in your house?



  1. What, there are no restaurants in Vermont?

  2. OH this is too cute! I love that was their question. Actually, Trev does pretty much all the cooking at our house! I know how to cook and consider myself pretty good at it really, but he LOOOOOVES to cook. So hey. Why not let him?! :)

    1. Oh my!!! I have cooked for us for over 10 years... I kinda like it that way but it would come in handy to have any extra cook in the house for out of towners and nights I am feeling unwell ;-)

      Like tonight!!

  3. This is so nice! My kids are just coming around to my cooking. Maybe because I am really making an effort. It is not something that I enjoy doing. Unless it is something sweet that marries well with a tall chilled glass of milk. I did attempt fried chicken breasts last night with a side of buttered corn. The kids were thrilled and so was I when my kitchen was finally cleaned up!

  4. Yep...mashed potatoes. Can't go wrong with those! I do most of the cooking, but my sweet boy is a great cook as well and offers up to give me a break from time to time.


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