Friday, December 2, 2011

An American Girl Doll...

My American boy, like many, went through a stage of obsession with the web throwing- crime fighting-action hero Spiderman.  Was it entirely healthy, No.  Was it totally adorable when he spun webs and climbed walls at 3, Yes!

These days, as he rounds the double digits, action heros have been replaced by skateboards, cartoons by skate videos, and spinning webs to...well no more spinning webs.  BUT, when he was given tickets to see Spiderman in the dark on Times Square, well his enthusiasm was through the roof!  The boys had an amazing time at the show and gave it two thumbs up!

With the boys out of the picture the girls were free to be girly, and in anyway that we chose...  Gabi's request, a trip to the American Girl Doll store on 5th Avenue.  Done and Done.

What a place that is, my goodness.  Little girls from all over the country, girls who have been waiting for this day, girls so excited to pamper their dolls.  Yes, part of it is over the top, agreed.  But fun for a day, totally!

Window shopping

Grandma Mindy graciously escorting Stars to the salon for a much needed hair treatment!

The hair dresser was seriously sweet and Gabi was smitten.  She asked where Gabrielle worked and if she had her driver's license.  I wanted to ask her to move to Vermont and come over for tea.  She gave us a much needed lesson in doll hair care and then we were on our way to the shoes...

Gabrielle chose a matching Christmas dress for her and her doll and a new pup named Chocolate chip.

The whole experience was pleasant even among what seemed like several hundred little girls.  The staff was kind and helpful and the prices were not astronomical.  Though the doll can cost a bit to begin with they are seriously well made and can last a very long time.

I was happy to see Gabrielle having a day all for her, she deserves it, thanks Grandma Mindy!!
Now I am off to the City again, in about 4 minutes, to do it all over again.  A tradition going for years in a row.  See you in a few hours mom!

Hello SOHO!

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  1. That first photo of Gabi and Noah when they were little is cracking me up!!


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