Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandma Ruth...

Meet my Grandma Ruth.

A ballsy broad with a zest for life and the world we live in like no one else I have ever known.  Fifty years my senior she has lived a life, thus far, worthy of your admiration.  One of 7sisters and raised in the depression, a father with a personality that requires a book to detail, left home at 16 for something better...

then a wife, then a mother...of three boys.  The stories she tells of this feat alone has me wide eyed and laughing all evening long.

But my favorite... her world traveling and the stories she shares of the places she has been...

Safari's in Africa
The great Barrier Reef
The Middle East
Driving an RV in New Zealand **on the wrong side of the road
Adventures in the Grand Canyon
Riding on a camel in Egypt

Though life has slowed down a bit in these recent years and world travel isn't so much in the cards these days, she still hops in her car and makes the 9 hour drive to Vermont to see me.  And with her she brings a mind full of questions, enthusiasm, wonder, and interest.  Topics discussed this weekend:

The nature of God
The Afterlife
The global awakening
The blueprint for the New Earth
The societal shift
The consolidation of power within the corporate and banking industries

and my favorite statement : getting old is not for sissies.

With all that on our minds I was not surprised when this book, pictured below, jumped out at her in the store and she bought it immediately... One of her favorite topics of discussion; what would one need to survive on a desert island and are you someone who would be useful and/or resourceful... if not, no
entrance for you!

Thank you for your visit dear Grandma.  It was so lovely to see you.  I look forward to a visit, in the dead of winter perhaps, so we can cozy up in your house and continue our conversations...



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