Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So today was a little on the weird side for me.  First of all, my hair.  Blah.  I can always tell when either Gabi or I are coming down with something because no matter what we do our hair looks a mess.  

Mine looked a mess today.  

Then I began to feel my swollen eyes sink farther and farther into my weary head.  Then I started to feel a bit dizzy.  Then I realized I was sitting at my desk staring at my screen unable to accomplish anything at work, with bad hair.  But I persevered, for it was only 10 o' clock, and my time off is a coveted thing that I do not give up easily.  But as the hours passed I was becoming more unwell by the minute.

I left work.  An hour early.

I raced home with visions of pillows and blankets.  

Upon opening the front door and and lunging for the jammie drawer there lied an option.  Though I could see myself literally diving effortlessly into those oh so wonderful lounge pants and taking two steps backward into my dreamy bed, I could not overlook my running shorts.  There they were, right there as if they knew I needed them all day long.  I gave myself a few smacks on the cheeks and took a few jumps in the air.  Is this even possible?  I was convinced 20 minutes ago that I might hurl in the car...

Next thing I knew I was on the road.  I ran six miles, to the lake and back.  And fast.

Energy restored.  Happiness restored.  Eyeballs better.  Color back.  Smile back.  

Not sick.

hallelujah for exercise.


  1. Hair still a mess... time for a trip to the salon for a little TLC ;-) Thank you for your concern... it is a matter of great importance.


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