Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soccer Is For Girls....

 Both kids are playing soccer this fall.  

Can I tell you how elated I am to watch them play under this sky...

...on a reasonable sixty-five degree Saturday morning.

Let's be honest.  I am usually looking at the sky anyway due to my allergy to competitive team sports.

I say soccer is for girls because I never had the cajones to play soccer or any other sport for that matter.  I am delighted to see Gabi out there, knees bent, eye on the ball, looking alive.

  Even on the sidelines her head was in the game.

During game time I was actually paying attention to the plays and would you believe it??  SHE SCORED.  A goal.  She kicked the ball into the net.  Whaat Whaaaaat!!!! 

You have come a long way from soccer in a tutu and refusing to play in the Saturday game due to conflict of uniform color interest...

 Well done Gabrielle.

And Noah,  game well played on your field as well!  I was too busy watching your fast moves down the field to snap any photos but you rocked it kiddo!  And It was great to play with good friends and share snacks after an exciting four quarters!

See ya on the field next week!!

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