Thursday, September 8, 2011


 con·vic·tion  a fixed or firm belief.

I am not to sure how much I believe in convictions and how strongly we should stand by them.

People change, thoughts change, beliefs change.

Convictions get us in a whole heap of trouble; trouble that we have a hard time pulling ourselves out of once announcing how strongly we feel about one thing or another.

However, I do believe in standing up for ones self, protecting ones self from this sometimes cruel world.
remember this one?

After receiving a bill for a cool eight grand we took a good look at each other; asked ourselves if we truly felt wronged, and decided  that yes, we had been taken for that proverbial ride.  That crazy fast ride with the man who looks you in the eye while he takes your wallet...   
Not this time Sir.  

***Insert awesome letter stating the retraction of ALL charges and an apology to Mr. Witt!!

I think it comical that upon calling Midway with this issue months ago they laughed at us.  Once confronted with the facts backed by legal representation their laughter turned to compliance.

I have also found the same antics with the sale of our desert home, the six hundred dollar cat scan bill that our eight hundred dollar a month health insurance pretended not to cover until they covered it, and all the other big business we have had to fight, just to be treated fairly...

Point is... they will take you for all you have IF you allow them to.  I have found that I cannot trust the corporate world.  It is not for the kind, honest, caring, or loving individuals.  It is cut throat.  
But, the joke is on them really.  What they do not know is the hole they are filling in their wallets does not connect to their soul and therefore will remain forever empty. 

Again, better luck next time boys....


  1. Have you thought about campaigning for the 2012 Presidential Election?

  2. That made me laugh mom, thanks for the confidence!

  3. Frame the letter and hang it in your bathroom. Well done!


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