Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farmer's Markets are for lovers...

Who knew that Shelburne had its own day... Not us. 
We were just headed out for a little Farmer's Market time and BAM, Shelburne Day!

I was so consumed with enjoying myself that I neglected to snap snap snap away on the old iphone camera app... But I got a few shots and here are some faves that showcase my favorite food, friends, a band, and special treat...  

Corn. corn. cOrn. cornnnnn. CORN. corN. cooorn.

I love me some C.O.R.N.

**however, I do not prefer corn in my soda pop/cereal boxes/granola bars/pop tarts/toothpaste/toilet paper/on my car radio/or any place other than wrapped in foil right off the grill hold the butter b/c it is that good kind of corn.

Dear USA, stop corn cruelty please.

 Was I surprised to see Mrs. Taylor on Shelburne day?

No, no  I was not.

And she had a cute puppy with her and his name is Winchester and she had Bea too...

and these guys were selling the cutest hand made bracelets so of course we purchased one for Gabrielle.

We only got a chance to hear one of the bands play Shelburne day.  I don't know who these guys are but that young man in the photograph has the loveliest voice and we oh so enjoyed ourselves hearing him sing...

We had already had a Rookies Root Beer, we are part of the club you know... but Mr. Witt had not had his fill so we headed back for round two and you are never going to believe what happened!

 The Rad Rookies Mama let Matt poor his own Root Beer!!!

This is, hands down, the best root beer on planet Earth.  I think the secret ingredient (like the secret ingredient in most things here) is that it is made in Vermont... There is just something in air that makes everything super!

Thanks Rookies, for the highlight of this day!

When we arrived back to the homestead we unloaded our products...


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