Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast....

My poor children...

my oh so deprived children.

They miss out on what could be one of finest meals of the day.

Admittedly, I am a bowl o' cereal mom, have been from the start.  Breakfast to me is a chore not a pleasure.  I much prefer a lovely evening out for a delectable dinner than a morning in a greasy diner...or even a non greasy diner.  When is comes to AM food I choose oats over cakes every time.

But my children do not and so it has been decided (maybe even a mutiny) that Sunday mornings are for dessert food... and though I refuse to partake in the feasting I rather enjoy the cooking!

On the menu: French Toast

Noah and I picked up this fine bread from the Bread and Butter Farm stand at the Shelburne market this weekend.  A raisin loaf for the ultimate french toast.  They are super kind folk and super close.  If ever you find yourself driving by I recommend a stop, it will be well worth you while...

We get our eggs from two sources here in Vermont and they both make me smile ear to ear.  

First, at The Taylors, which is less than half a mile from our house and usually on a trade system.  

Second, from office Carl.  A dude Matt works with who sells us a dozen each week for a whopping $2.  Can't get much better than either of these in this day and age, seriously!  

Butter.  I love choosing butter here in farmlandville... I usually choose Kate's.  She is from Maine and hand makes her creamy treat.  And it is a treat, I rarely use the stuff!

Into the sizzling pan they go...golden from the organic cage free better than you have ever had eggs...then crisping up from the made with love yellowy butter!

It did smell amazing and I was getting tempted.

And who would we be without a jug of this in the house??  A heart-filled thank you to Mr. Witt Sr. for supplying this gem when visiting a few weeks ago!

bon appetit...

PS:  This is what we did after to burn off the sugar... a little tree climbing always does the trick!

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  1. I have a jug of the same syrup (purchased on our holiday) and I use it on the rare occasions I Make myself some French Toast. Sue isn't a big fan of the French Toast...


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