Sunday, July 3, 2011

A delicious Vermont affair...

 So this is our very first Vermont summer and I am realizing that the people here sure do enjoy themselves a good event; and there are TONS of them... all of the time.

Living here is different from vacationing here.  You don't get attend do all the delightful happenings due to long lists of must do's....

BUT when I saw a quick advert for a Thursday night happening, for what seemed to be a celebration of just lovin' life, we were so there... even though I had a million house things to accomplish and a dinner already half way cooked!

Many fine folks came together in and around this beautiful red barn to listen to some local music, eat some local food, and drink some local brew.

American Flatbreads is my absolute favorite and the slices were a buck!!  I had one cheese and one roasted salsa slice.  Loved this!

This local band played some sweet tunes for all to enjoy.  They played my favorite song by The Who...Squeeze Box.  Thanks guys!

I think we all love the live music that Vermont offers us everywhere we go!  Noah is definitely inspired because he is now taking guitar lessons  from his, as I journal.  

I can hear a bit of Green day coming from his loft... I am smiling.

We tried both beverages offered and they were fantastic!

Then we noticed that flatbreads was requesting some assistance with their decor.   We could not be so rude as to not jump in and help in this matter!!

Noah and Gabi did some pretty beautiful prayer flags!


Matt was kind enough to create one for the both of us... while I took the photos of course!

and the Taylors worked on some totally awesome squares too!

What a wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening out and about.  It made for high spirits going into a Friday; especially a Friday going into a three day holiday weekend!!  We have some pretty fantastic plans for this much needed break and also have some special visitors coming our way...


  1. I thought we might have a Skype chat this weekend but with all this to do I can see why you weren't just sitting around online! Great events in Vermont! It's the best!!

  2. Glad we spoke yesterday dad! We had a great weekend indeed and can't wait until you are here to join us =/


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