Monday, June 13, 2011

An end of the year breakfast.  A gushing mother's dream.  

First on the agenda: explore the classroom beginning with the poetry unit...

An obsession that began a long long time ago, way back in the second grade.  A Noah that was shy and quiet came out of his shell to find his place in the classroom; the comedian of all things.  Noah became the mastermind behind a club, a club of orphans of all things.   They had a pact, a song, a dance, and a signature.  Every paper Noah wrote was about orphans, every signature was signed orphan...  and I never did know where the inspiration for this came from until now...

 I truly thought it was because he didn't like his father and I... but it wasn't.

I really hope his new teachers at SCS get him like the greats at Benchmark did.

Noah's writing, in his poetry unit, reminds me of one of my very favorite authors; Shel Silverstein.

They rhyme and are on the funny side.

  Being a hobo is another slightly disturbing obsession of Noahs.  I think he must have traveled with the likes of Jack Kerouac in his previous life.  

I would not be surprised if he packs a sack, jump on a moving train, and hits the open road one day.  

I hope he tells me first.  I would pack him a lunch and give him my copy of  
 Still Life with Woodpecker.

Comedian award

  So it was award time.  This is the first class that we have been in that has handed out individual awards.  It was wonderful.  Mrs. Shannon was so thoughtful in her comments about each child.  I know she made each and everyone of them feel known.  Was I surprised at the award Noah received?  NO.

I am pleased that his classmates think he is funny.  I think he is funny too.  I loved that all the kids knew who the award was for once the word funny was announced.  I cried.  Couldn't help it.

Thank you Ms. Shannon, for getting him.

Check out Noah's face.  Can you believe I made him take a picture with his teacher in front of everyone?  

Thank you Ms. Shannon for all that you do!  I wish we could have you for another year!!


  1. Class comedian? This is a surprise!

  2. apparently he has a bit of you in him...


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