Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Bliss.

Have I mentioned that I love my life.  Well I do.  And despite the frigid temperatures this weekend it was still a great one.  Mr. Witt and I decided that it would be a good idea to get our Saturday morning argument over with on Friday evening, going as follows:

                        Me: We need to clean the house, are you going to help me?
                        Mr. Witt: I don't want to clean, it is Saturday morning.

                        Me: Well it needs to be done and I don't want to do it alone.

                        Mr Witt: Okay, I will help you.

After that I smiled and we made our way to the Taylor house for a Friday night family dinner.  

To greet us; Bri and Baby Bea.  A pair to warm your heart.  
Noah and Gabrielle enjoy this toddler and it is so fun to watch my older ones coddle a little one!

Gabrielle dove right in; slapped her apron on and hit the kitchen,  
that a girl!  The baby mouth she wanted to feed was on the run so I believe she settled for the sweet little pretend baby in the cute plastic highchair. 

Ms. Beatrice was more interested in the cooking of the real kind.  She carefully stirred the Chili while noting that it was hot... This reminded me that Noah's first word was hot.  How I miss cooking with a toddler in my arms who just wanted to be with me.

How cute are these?  Fresh from the coop out in the Taylor yard.  You can see these lady hens HERE!

Bri sets the table and I warm the bread. The little one's find their seats.  I love the country table and the mix match bowls. It is a dinner fit for a village.

The main course is on the table.  Mr. Taylor dishes the chili while we watch the steam rise.  Despite the late March date the weather outside is perfect for this mainly wintry dish.

After dinner Noah got in a little Bea time.  I am always pleased with how kind and gentle he is with the little ones.  By the end of the evening the little miss was reaching out for him to hold her.  How seriously sweet.

That concluded the Witt/Taylor family gathering. We headed home with bellies full and tired children.

Thanks for having us!!

To add to the excitement this weekend, Bri and I got our Saturday chores done (me with the help of Mr. Witt) in a hurry so we could enjoy an evening out.  We headed to Church Street, the oh so popular place to be in Burlington!  We dined at the most quaint downstairs Vermont Brewery called Farmhouse. LOVE. We enjoyed wine and beer paired with a Vermont cheese board to die for!  Sadly we didn't get a turn at the dart board, but we hope to bring the boys along next time and get to the darts early!!

Sunday was a catch up day after all the fun.  A few errands, catching up with some family on the west coast, and filling the fridge with dishes for the week.   Now to fight the chilly weather and looking forward to a warmer more 'outside' weekend soon!!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Good food friends and fun will keep you warm for the week ahead! XX


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