Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Dinner Celebration. Year 2.

Tradition as follows...

Set a lovely table.
Make a delicious dinner.
Present survival kits.
Discuss being a good person.



I don't know.  To raise two conscious human beings.  Hoping to give them the perfect mixture of humbleness and toughness to make it in this world. To know how to be a good friend not a good follower.  To know when to make a stand and when to walk away.  To lead with humility and and a kind heart.  
I am just trying to raise people over here.  It is just a little ol' job you know!  No big deal.  This once a year dinner ought to do the trick, don't you think??

New this year.  One Free Personal Day.  It is a new holiday in our house.  Everyone deserves a day.

Just so we are clear. I wasn't' feeling so hot on back to school dinner night.  The first sign of sickness for me is bad hair.  Yes, I feel illness in my hair follicles first.  But gratitude was my favorite word on the table with a side of dark circles and wonky locks.

Mister Witt likes his words with a side of chili.

Heres to another good year.  5th and 3rd grade.  
Please have the courage to be kind to those who others are not.  
To laugh at yourself.  
To be grateful every day.  
To show perseverance in your most challenging obstacles. 
Always lead with love. 
Look for adventure.
Be conscious.
Consider others around you.
Have a genuine heart.
I love you both, to the ends of the Earth.

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