Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Day number 2 of our trip provided me this gem.

Best. Family. Picture. Ever.

Matt looking dapper as ever of course, and twinsies with the wife earns him extra bonus points.  Me hoping my dad doesn't drop my phone while figuring out how to take the picture.  Noah in pure travel out-of-his-head exhaustion mode. And dear Gabrielle...It's a framer.

But look at the guy in the red shirt standing on my shoulder.  That is a bona fide punter, leaving this picture as firm evidence that we have been somewhere cool.  Somewhere far away.  Even if we looked like this when we were there.

Here are a few more pics of this fine day...

 The interesting thing about this trip was that we weren't so much tourists.  I mean Sue probably thought different for as many times as we thought the car turning right was out of control and going to hit us...

BUT. aside from that. and the lack of Starbucks...

We were just chillin' with family.  Checking out the neighborhood.  Eating. Drinking. Visiting.  It was really the best. I snapped photos with Instagram but left my big camera at home.

Our daily schedule went as follows:

Get out of bed at 10am. yes please.
English breakfast until noon.
Out the door on a small yet perfect adventure.
on to a pub, or two.
Gabi having at least 3 J2O's a day, wasn't sure how she would live without them.
Dinner. Some out, some cooked at home. All great
and usually capped with some good ol' tele.

I highly recommend:

it is on my Christmas wish list.



  1. Me drop the phone? That's madness.

  2. I love the family photo! And glad you had an amazing trip with lots of pictures to share. Thanks to your dad for capturing a "true" family moment!


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