Friday, March 9, 2012

For the sake of privacy...

It became apparent relatively quickly that covers for the windows were needed for more than just pretty in our new abode.  So to protect myself from indecent exposure I opted for a simple shade that let both light and privacy come together on mutual ground.

Also, I thought I should document it and learned that this is easier said than done.  So here it goes...

First, find a super clean and inspiring place to work in.  Like the stove area where you cooked last nights dinner...

and the floor area in which you have not really scrubbed yet, on a towel that seems clean enough.

Okay, great.  

Now this is where documenting got tricky.  Trying to take pictures of my hands ironing and almost burning the fabric was super fun.  Obviously the lighting was my first priority too...

  Basically I took a fat quarter, cut a piece of muslin to be the same size and sewed them together.  

I left two holes at the very top sides for the tension rod to go through and also to allow for flipping it right side out, like so...

Then I ironed it and pressed the sides all nicely together and sewed a top stitch up top (remembering to leave enough room for the tension rod to fit through).  

This stitch does not have to be perfect.   
None of this does.  
In fact, I did not use one pin or ruler or pencil...nada.  This did result in me having to pull them down, flip them inside out again and make one the same size as the other... but whatever.

And there ya have it.  Done.  Privacy installed with a whole lot of pretty!

Here is to a terribly rushed and not so informative DIY post.  If you really want to know how to make these you can call me anytime ;-)




  1. that's really cute!! i'm impressed!!

    Jenna Duty

  2. I love the fabric and they seemed to be fairly easy to make. Happy Decorating :D


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