Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Someone turns two...

 Weekends with the Witt family are nothing short of busy crazy, crazy busy...definitely crazy and always busy.

I will spare you the details of 
the cleaning
the cooking
the laundry
the soccer games in the rain
the cooking
the shopping
the cleaning
the sewing
the winter wardrobe building
the using my Arizona debit card at costco with the account that has no money in it and the only reason I still have it open is because I like the card with the cactus and the sunset on it and now I have to ask Mr. Witt Sr. go and deposit some scrilla in their as to avoid any insane charges...

and yes I realize I repeated quite a few things on that list and that is simply because those jobs are endless and all consuming.  and yes, it is totally awesome.

Fortunately for us, on Sunday, at 3 o'clock, we were invited to a tiny celebration for our much smaller  friend. This cutie turned two...

This was a particuliarly nice event due to the lovely weather, kind kind folks, and FOOD.  Not only did I not have to prepare it but it was brought to us by the very best place to eat in Shelburne, Cucina Antica.


Wood fired...

 and delicious
We also got  meet this darling and fifteen of his/her friends...

and I could not resist this little one who when sitting down to her cuisine I could not tell if real or a porcelain doll... Phoebe, you are too sweet!

 This is Bea reading the birthday card she received from Noah, I think she liked it. 

And I believe this here is a testament to the deserts....

 So, I am feeling kind of bad for this here entry.  Poor hostess of this fine shin dig awaits my pictures of the party to arrive in her inbox so she can write about her own dear one's birthday party.  But I am left with no choice today.  I either post these adorable pics of the cutest tots in town or I showcase the five tons of laundry that I did, chonies and all. 

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