Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food is for comfort...

 I love summer food.

I love to eat outside.

I love to eat grub that I grill.

I am obsessed with eating right off of the cutting board.

I have been collecting pictures of my food over the past month or so because it looks so beautiful and delicious....

Grilled tortilla topped with goat cheese, roasted peppers (roasted by muah) and fresh farm argugala.

ingredients in bowl below include small heirloom tomatoes, roasted corn (on the grill), cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

<---mixed together and served with bean and cheese tortilla and spanish rice.


Dinner for one.  Grilled lettuce. Chopped.  mixed with Lucini dressing and parmesean cheese. White bean salad that is a mix of white beans, cilantro, cucumber, lemon juice, and olive oil. pinch of salt.  Vino.

Salad below goes as follows:

Lovely friend at work: hey britt, want some lettuce from our garden?  We have tons of it.

Me: heck yea, thanks!!

Lovely friend: Okay, I will bring in a trash bag of it tomorrow.

Me: AWESOME!!  You're the best!

she brought, I ate.  I added fresh carrots, cucs, scallions, advacado, cheddar cheese and my favorite dressing,

Below photo: favorite meal staples by far.  Grilled romaine lettuce salad. chopped. roasted corn topped with chili lime rub (added promptly after roasting).  Sometimes I eat this with a veggie burger, sometimes with a burrito, sometimes with a side of pasta, and sometimes just all on its own.  I love it.  A lot.

Fall is in the air.  I can feeling it creeping in.  It is my very favorite time of year, especially now since we live in the East.  But.  I will miss the tomatoes.  I will miss grilled everything.  I will miss dining outside.  I will miss the 
C. O. R N. so very much.  

We have some time still, not freaking out yet!


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