Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opening day...

1,  Numero Uno, The Proverbial Number One

Shelburne Vermont sure puts on a lovely opening day to the baseball season.  The players gather in the center of town to participate in march down main street.  Moms, dads, sisters, and brothers are there to cheer on their players!  Grams and Papas and friends came too.  It was great.

Apparently Shelburne loves its baseball and trained a winning team last season who lead this year's parade. Go Team!

Noah Chats it up with a fellow player.  He is on the younger side in this age group and all of the boys are super friendly and  so helpful. 

The parade ended at the field for the opening ceremony and the first pitch!  Have you ever seen such green grass and big blue sky?  I swear, Vermont is something special.  The air here is crisp and clean. The grass is as soft as feathers.  The clouds are painted in the sky.  Despite the chilly April wind the morning was energetic with new life; the spring buds are working so hard to burst open and display their colorful brilliance.  This particular field is about a one minute walk from our front door. 

First a little batting practice with coach before the big game!

Snacks and face painting for siblings to get ready to watch!

Sitting on the bleachers waiting for Noah to come up to bat was nerve wracking.  Poor guy has never been up to bat in his nine short years.  Though he admitted to some nerves on our way to the field he kept his cool in a big way.  His arms were a bit loosey goosey and there was no big home run hit, but the experience was that of being alive and I am so proud of him.

 It is so fun to sit on those bleachers under a glorious sky.  I enjoy all the aspects of watching the game, smelling the snack bar, seeing the dogs hooked to the railings, watching Gabi run around with her friends, and sitting with Mr. Witt routing for #1!  It is all around fun!

I am so pleased with the coaches and his teammates.  The focus of the season is learning the love of the game.  No score keeping, no competition, just good old fashioned play.  This is a season for the Witt family!  I have not once graced a sports field with my presence. Competition makes me nauseous.  My palms sweat and I get dizzy just entering a sports arena.  Typically I prefer to ride my bike cruiser and lay around in the grass... But we are in Vermont now, where there are no big sports teams and they don't keep score.  Bliss.

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