Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diary of a Want to be Vegan

 Entry #4 - 11/2/11

There is a pumpkin bread in the break room today.  Not only am I a fan of all things pumpkin, but this particular loaf has a cream cheese filling.  Ugh.  Didn't have any. 

And after writing ugh and feeling like I am missing out I remind myself of the reasons behind my choices.  I am comforted in this and am happy to look forward to a homemade chili lunch!

Entry #3 - 11/1/11

We had a most lovely weekend.  It was jammed packed with events and happenings and I feel so blessed for this very full life.  

Successes - eating a completely and most delicious vegan meal at a friends Saturday night.  This was so so kind of them, for they own a gorgeous farm where they harvest not only amazing breads and veggies but also milk and meat products as well.  If I were to chose to eat animals this would certainly be the place to do it, but I do not and I am so very thankful that THEY LIKE US ANYWAY!! 

Menu - An amazing Carrot Ginger soup w/ fresh greens, amazing bread, and roasted potatoes.  Some yummy wine and a side of the dictionary game...heavenly

and I almost forgot about the 'grown on site' spinach for soup topping.  It was to die for!

Failures, well let's just say setbacks for now... Pizza from Cucina TWICE!!  Once on Friday night due to  lack of planning and a relaxed dinner with friends.  Another on Sunday night to celebrate a good friends birthday.  That Cucina pizza is so so amazing.  I do recommend you dine there if you are in the neighborhood.  I see this struggle happening quite a bit as time goes on.  I think, perhaps, we will ask the super kind owners to make a cheese(less) for us... If anyone could pull that off it would be them ;-)

Good news - I am OFF the coffee!

Entry #2 -  10/27/11

Day 4 of no caffeine.  I got this.  And I feel fine. 
I have replace my beloved dark liquid with a more translucent kind.  It is hearty and filling and I LOVE it.

This fine beverage is lightly flavored to add variety and comes in some fantastic flavors: Black Cherry, Vanilla, and now, Georgia Peach are my Faves!!  This is my new afternoon and/or late night sipping snack.

Last night's dinner: Burritos / Any's Refried black beans, corn, spanish rice, black olives, avocado, chipolte salsa, and grilled tortillas, hold the cheese!  With all those fabulous ingredients I barely knew it was gone!


 So I have been waiting for a moment of clarity as to how I would journal my new dietary endeavors...

It hasn't presented itself.  In fact, the conversations I have with myself regarding this very issue are often sporadic in nature and not yet refined for listening ears. So I will begin simply, knowing two things for certain:: 

I care about my health and the health of my family.
Also, I am becoming much more conscience of the burden placed on the animals of this world. 

So here it goes.  A daily entry of the successes and the failures of going to a whole foods based diet.  I anticipate slips toward pizza and ice cream.  I look forward to better digestion and cleaner arteries.  I am happy to let the Turkeys live this Thanksgiving, or at least my turkey.  I am encouraged by Gabrielle, my natural vegan who has always preferred mostly raw fruits and veggies to all other foods, even ice cream.

Entry Numero Uno - 

This week I have taken on the enormous task of ridding my body of caffeine addiction.  This is not because I think coffee is bad for you and that one should not consume it.  It is because, unlike my Mr., I am unable to drink it without that delicious creamer that makes it a milky white and cuts the robustness by half. 

The unfortunate(ness) surrounding this event is that I love to sip a morning beverage.  I also am highly addicted to the particular beverage in question.  So seeing that the weather has turned so have I, to green tea that is.  Its warmth is welcomed at my cold desk by the window and its gentle tones are soothing to my palette.  In stark comparison, I guess I do prefer the loveliness of tea, it is convincing my body of this fact that is tricky.

I think I am only looking at a few days of withdraw.  I am okay with it.  As soon as I became aware of the cream, and its source, the taste was becoming almost unbearable.  So this is good for my health, this is good for my wallet, and this is good for darling Mr. Cow, who needs not worry about how my coffee tastes with or without his efforts...

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